swifties unite.

I'm a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift (we call ourselves Swifties)! I've wanted to see her live for as long as I can remember but I haven't had the chance so far. She's honestly one of my role models and her music always puts me into a good mood or comforts me when I need it. I love to put this playlist on sometimes and dance around my room.

standout tracks.

Ivy (evermore), Mirrorball (folklore), Cruel Summer (Lover), Getaway Car (reputation), Style (1989), Holy Ground (Red), The Story of Us (Speak Now), You Belong With Me (Fearless), Teardrops on my Guitar (Taylor Swift).

albums with no skips.

Dream Girl

I love listening to this album when I'm programming. It's relaxed but not boring and Anna's voice is super unique.

standout tracks.

Lonely Life, Dream Girl, Playing Games, Thank Me Later.


To me, this is Carly Rae Jepsen's masterpiece. It's an excellent homage to 80s pop in a way that isn't cheesy or forced.

standout tracks.

Boy Problems, E•MO•TION, Warm Blood, Your Type.

I met you when I was 18. (the playlist)

This album got me through some of my most stressful math exams. It can hype you up but it's also chill enough to fade in the background.

standout trakcs.

Bracelet, The Story Never Ends, Reforget, Paris in the Rain.


This is probably my favourite album of all time. It's electric and pulsating with simple, relatable lyrics about being youthful and partying and getting over someone.

standout tracks.

Supercut, Hard Feelings/LOVELESS, The Louvre.

an interesting mix

Here are some of my favourite songs right now, all in two playlists. This is pretty representative of my taste in music, so you can decide for yourself if you vibe with it or not!